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Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a wake-up :-(

Last night (or rather early this morning), I woke up to find Jemima scampering around my bed like a mad thing, trying to get under it from any direction. She can't because she's too big. I assumed that there was a mouse or a moth under the bed which she was trying to catch, and since I'm not particularly bothered by either of those, I put her out of my room, shut the door, had a quick look under the bed and couldn't see anything obvious, and went back to sleep. It went down to freezing here last night - 0 degrees C - and I wasn't staying out of my warm bed long for anyone or anything.

This morning, Jem woke me again meowing frantically at my door. I woke up and was going to let her in, so I looked down beside the bed where my feet were going to go, and there was a small brown bunny rabbit next to my bed.

It must have been in the deep shade near my bedside table when I looked under the bed, because a rabbit just bigger than your hand isn't exactly a creature one can overlook, no matter how cold and tired you are.

Anyway, I found an old cloth and wrapped the bunny up in it - it was very scared but seemed okay - and put it right down the back of my yard where hopefully it will go away and the cat won't find it again. I know rabbits are an agricultural pest and really need to be exterminated, but how could I hurt such a little furry thing?

Jem sulked for a couple of hours after that but she's forgiven me now, particularly since I put the heater on! It's still bitterly cold - nearly midday and it's only 7 degrees C. I have to go into school in a little while - it's Sunday and the students come back from holidays on Tuesday so I need to get stuff photocopied and the classroom reorganised. Not looking forward to trying to pin up posters and things with cold hands, and as far as I know there isn't even a heater in the photocopy room. Boo :(


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