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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good day

I thought today was going to be a shocker when I got to work this morning - I had a really rough night's sleep, woke up late and groggy, got to work minutes before my absolute deadline for being at school and didn't manage to eat breakfast before school started.


But on the contrary, it was a good day. I sailed through my lessons, had fun with the kids, and got a whole lot of preparation and assessment done in my DOTT time. I managed to leave school in time to get to the shop, and I've treated myself (financially) to a few days' supply of Diet Coke - it's expensive but it really helps with the sugar cravings, and it's points-free. So I'm feeling good.


I'm trying to resist the temptation for a mid-week weigh in tomorrow morning. The WW regime is strict - you only weigh yourself once per week because daily fluctuations can throw things out. Mum says the opposite - you should weigh yourself every day because that way you can see the overall trend and won't be put out by an upwards fluctuation on your weigh-day. Partly I'm just scared to step on the scales at all, in case the first week hasn't done anything and I haven't lost any weight at all . . . so I want to get it over with tomorrow rather than waiting until Sunday.  A bit nonsensical, no?


Oh, and I had round two of the Hot Water Bottle War last night. Last time when I burned my hand it was my fault - I poured the water in too quickly - but this time it was the damn hot water bottle. I was pouring the water into my older bottle, and it ripped. It soaked the cover, which was in contact with my shirt, and thus promptly soaked a patch of my shirt, burning the skin under it. The burn is only small - two patches, one about 2cm squared and one just a stripe - but it was stinging rather nastily when I went to bed yesterday. *sigh* So now I'm down one hot water bottle which is not nice in this cold weather! When my tax return comes in I'm getting an electric blanket. There should be a few on special around the place since it's more than halfway through winter now.


Hot water bottles? Over them!


Electric blankets? - think again!
My friend had a serious fire last year when her daughter went off to school leaving her electric blanket switched on.
I'd stick to hot water bottles if I were you. I always fill mine from the hot tap rather than a kettle so there is no risk of scalding even if the bottle should leak.
I'm afraid I don't recognise your username - who are you? :-)

There's no danger from electric blankets if you use them responsibly. I wouldn't let a child still at school use one, for example. I've always been very careful about using them when I've had them in the past - I only put it on in the last hour before bed, and switch it off when I get in (I get paranoid if it's on while I'm in bed). The slight risk of a fire during that one hour worries me less than the risk of hot water burns.

Filling the hot water bottle from the tap would be no better here - I live in an old house with no thermostat on the hot water system, so the hot water from the tap reaches a dangerous temperature quite quickly. Not to mention that the hot water bottle doesn't actually fit under the tap because it's a silly old sink, so it wouldn't fill properly!

Don't worry, I will be careful lol.
I’m just an anonymous, middle-aged lady from England who stumbled across your blog by chance while searching for a related subject. Sorry if I sounded like a busybody - I’m not really! Having had a life long “love affair” with my hot water bottles, I cannot understand why the whole world doesn’t use them.
Incidentally, have you still got your old bottle? I’m very much into recycling and have a few ideas for alternative uses for old hot water bottles.
Oh, I didn't think you were a busybody, I just like to know a bit about who I'm talking to :-)

I've still got my hot water bottle - I'll definitely still use it for aches and pains. Just not every night!

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