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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back into it . . .

Term Three started today. My three most troublesome students were absent, which made it an easy start to the term. We didn't do much, just some basics to ease everyone back into the term.

I'm feeling vaguely out of sorts and miserable today, and I'm not sure why. I haven't been sleeping well lately - lots of nightmares and 'overactive dreams' which leave me feeling tired when I woke up, and the transition to getting up early again after lots of holiday lie-ins hasn't been helping. Plus I just can't seem to get confident about this term. I'm sure it'll go fine and I've got heaps of plans, but somehow I'm just feeling nervous and exposed about my work. *shrugs* Who knows why.

S is extremely busy with uni and trying to prepare for his very last prac - he has 10 weeks left of his entire degree so he's really under the hammer. I'm helping with his assignments as much as I can, but not being able to go and visit him or do much more than chat on MSN (no voice chat, he needs to concentrate too hard) is a strain. I miss him so much. I can't wait until his degree is done with and we can start really concentrating on us. I love him so much!

So . . . I'm feeling a bit funny, but I'm doing okay.

Oh, and I burned my hand yesterday. "Don't get careless while filling hot water bottles" is a really important lesson that I learned years ago, but I ignored it yesterday, and the result was boiling water all over my left hand, and since I immediately dropped the hot water bottle, boiling water all over the kitchen floor. I stuck my hand under the cold tap immediately, but the water was about 4 degrees C so it was hard to keep it under there for as long as you're supposed to. The burn is only a small (2cm squared) red patch, much less than I thought it was going to be, and it's not serious. But it stings :-(

Oh, and I started dieting today. HUNGRY.



It's the bottom of the year for you, weather-wise, that doesn't help. And it's hard when you don't sleep well.
Sorry about you burning yourself, burns are so painful!I steam-burned my arm with the kettle last week.Like I'd never made tea before!
Wishing S. all good luck with his prac. and assignments.
Tassie, you are so right about the weather. It's bitterly cold and we've had a string of cloudy days with no direct sunlight. No wonder I've been feeling out of sorts!

The second day of dieting has gone well so far . . . fingers crossed.

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