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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cars and Courses II

I got the car! I got it!

The finance worked out as more than I wanted but I can just afford it. I can't believe that I'm getting such a nice car! We're picking it up on Friday or Saturday. I can't wait! *SQUEEE*


For all the educators, parents and future parents out there, check this out:
The Virtues Project

The Virtues Project started when three concerned individuals decided to do something positive to try to reduce the violence they were seeing in schools (both against the self and against others). They looked at a huge cross-section of the world's cultures and eventually came up with a list of virtues that are common to most cultures. They then set about looking at ways to teach these virtues and to foster virtuous behaviour in children and teens, with the aim of lifting self-respect and respect for others.

They have developed an incredible range of advice books and teaching strategies for raising children with strong virtues, fostering a "culture of character" within families and schools, and educating school children on how to use virtue in their daily lives.

We (the whole school staff, just about) went to a facilitator training course for the Virtues Project on Monday, and I was completely blown away. It's beautiful. It's spiritual without being religious, heartfelt without being preachy, and very practical.

I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone working with children or interested in their own spiritual growth - particularly, I suppose, people who aren't religious but feel that they would like a baseline for moral guidance - but also those who are religious and would like some practical strategies for teaching (and learning!) moral behaviour. It doesn't negate / contradict any teaching in any religion I know of, and is aimed at supporting people in their spiritual growth regardless of their religion.

Check out their website, particularly the shop, which has some fantastic books and resources (the virtues reflection cards in particular - very cool).

This is a Godsend for me because while I'm somewhat religious, S isn't, and I could see how this could be a spiritual middle ground for us.

If anyone else has had experience with The Virtues Project or likes what they see on the website, please do comment - I'm curious about others' reactions :-)


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