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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm sick :-(

For the last few days I've been exhausted and have had aching limbs and a splitting headache of the "oh my god my head is going to fall off" variety. Not happy!

We have an open night at school tomorrow and I don't want to do it - parents are scary :-(

S is now 1.5 weeks into his prac and is finding it very stressful and tiring and negative (just like I did!) but is keeping his chin up and powering on regardless for the most part. He's sick too with the same thing so we're just trying to love and support each other and keep it together. Co-habitation has had its rocky moments but on average we're doing fine and it feels just right.

I'm really loving the new car, it makes a world of difference to how I feel about myself. I hadn't realised how much my crappy old car reflected on my self-image, but I'm having a much nicer self-image with the nicer car! Naughty to place value on such things but nevermind.

Off to cook dinner and try to keep my head from thudding to the ground . . .


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