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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A first

As of today, I play netball.

This is a circumstance that has never happened before.

When I was a kid, 99% of girls did either netball or gymnastics, and most did both at one time or another. Netball was HUGE. And I never, ever played. We did it at school a few times and I was clumsy and awkward, couldn’t keep up with the game or the rules, and could never keep my feet on the ground at the right times. And while I was always encouraged to be active – tennis, soccer, gymnastics, ballet, other forms of dance – no one ever even asked me if I was interested in netball. I think Mum’s dislike of most people the hair-makeup-housework-shopping style of woman, which comprised most of the school Mums and therefore most of the netball Mums, would have been a strong reason in her mind to keep me out of netball anyway.

So I’ve always felt on the ‘outre’ with netball, and I only have a vague idea of how the games go. But I need a sporting activity to get me off my butt and doing regular exercise; I need some sort of community activity so that I meet more people; and I need to do something on weeknights that isn’t a) marking, b) planning, c) chatting to S, or d) sitting at my computer blogging, message-boarding or generally doing not much at all.

Carlene, the year 2-3-4 teacher, decided to do netball as she used to play, and in a snap decision I decided that I would, too.

Now I’m a member of Little Country Town’s B-Grade weeknight netball team. Yikes!

We had our first training session tonight, and I’m so sore and tired, but it feels good too. It’s been a while since I’ve done an hour’s solid aerobic exercise! I tend to do more of the slower exercise, like walking. But I’m sure it’s been good for me and I’m looking forward to next week’s training. Games will be on Thursday nights and start in about a month. It’s kind of exciting :D


Yay for netball! You'll pick it up fine.

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