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Saturday, April 12, 2008

First One Gone

Well, I did it. I've just finished my first full term as a primary school teacher.

The term has been very full and busy, and I'm glad it's over - I was very tired and really needed a break!

I'm looking forward to next term - the theme is "Plants and Gardens" and we're going to have so much fun - we're studying "The Secret Garden" in literacy, botany in science, gardens around the world in SOSE, healthy plant foods in health, and we're going to design and build a veggie garden for T&E (maths will link in to various aspects of this, but we’re focusing on number & place value for that). The art teacher is going to do plant-themed art with them, and I’m going to teach them a garden song and also some plant-themed interpretative dance. It’s going to be a very fulfilling term and far less complicated than this one! I’ve also noticed that Arbor Day is this coming term, tying in beautifully with my theme, so we’re going to do a whole-school planting day. My first whole-school initiative, woohoo!

But for now I’m just intent on enjoying my two weeks off – I’ve got programming to do for next term, but otherwise I’m just going to relax and be happy. I’ll be going down to see S next weekend and the weekend after, and in between times I’m going to enjoy myself thoroughly.

But I still can’t believe an entire term has gone by! ¼ of the year . . . wow.


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