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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting stuff done

Apologies for the lack of bloggage lately. I've been trying to completely sort every box in the house ahead of when S comes to stay at the end of next week. We need to fit him into my study and it's currently full of boxes, all of which I feel compelled to completely sort out. Ambitious, no? I'm finally learning to throw stuff away. Do I need backup CDs from two years ago? No! Do I need my credit card bill from June 2005? No! I keep reminding myself to get rid of it . . . I'm going to end up having to do a tip run. It feels good to be getting rid of so much junk.

It's raining here today. Not storming like it's done every other time it's rained, but just raining. Constantly. For hours. It's been raining since before dawn so it's chilly and sunless outside. I was going to walk to the cafe where I'm having coffee with a friend - it's only two minutes' walk - but it's just too soggy outside. I guess I'm driving after all!


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