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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rain, blessed rain!

For the last few weeks we've had nothing but very hot, humid days, nothing under 30 C / 86 F, and most close to or even over 40 C / 104 F. The weather was starting to get to everyone, tired of being constantly exhausted and sticky and too hot.

But a little while ago I was watching TV and heard a strange noise outside, and it was RAIN. Huge high-speed drops pounding down on the parched red earth. I went a little bit mad, put my glasses down and went outside and just let it rain on me for a little while. Now it's simply pelting down and it's started to thunder. Oh, the glory! And that heavenly scent of rain on hot earth! *loves*

Getting off the computer now because of the lightning, but feeling sooo much better.



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