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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter! *sigh of relief*

At Easter last year (which was a month later, mind you) I was stressed to my limit, trying to get all of my assignments done and thinking about moving to England without freaking my Mum out too much.

Oh, how far I’ve come!

I’m really tired after a long week – I had my graduation on Monday night which was fun but exhausting as I had to drive back to Little Country Town from Perth at 6:30am Tuesday morning so that I could teach on Tuesday. Graduation was great though!

Me (middle) with my friends Justyna and Sonia before the ceremony.

On Wednesday I went to Perth with my class for hip-hop lessons, and today we had our annual swimming carnival against two other schools (the Catholic school in our town and the public primary from a neighbouring town). We won – kicked butt, in fact – and it was a gorgeous day. The kids’ school spirit was amazing; the kind of school spirit I remember from my own school days, before we reached upper primary and spirit became uncool. Our school captain (one of only 3 year 7s) led the school in chants and cheers with unreserved glee, and the townsfolk came out to watch as we marched with our flag from the school down to the pool, and it was all just adorable and wholesome and old-fashioned and great. Squee!

And I’ve written nearly 2000 words of the Rosalie story – 1954 words, to be precise. Most of it last weekend, after the previous blog post, when I sat in my desk chair and just made myself write. It’s coming along rather nicely and chapter two is just beginning. I think it’s still working, too!

I’m finally meeting S’s parents on Sunday after many delays, which is fantastic but very daunting. I do hope they like me! 

That's all my news, I think . . .


Yeah, Christine! Many congrats on the graduation! :-)

The hip-hop lessons sound cool.

Good luck!
I'm sure they'll like you and if they don't, so what? Then again I've given up on anyone in X's family ever liking me.
congrats on graduation! lovely picture. :) And congrats on the word count. Good luck meeting S's parents. I'm sure it'll be fine.

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