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Sunday, March 2, 2008

I found my TV remote finally!

Disclaimer: it's after 1am. I shouldn't even be awake. But there's a public holiday tomorrow so I'm not trying to fight the insomnia. Every time I got to bed I get upset because S isn't there with me, so I'm just not going to try until I'm too tired to care. Wonderful weekends together equal sucky feelings of loss afterwards :-(

Anyways, this insomnia has had one good side-effect: the remote for my large hired TV has been missing since I moved in - I last used it back in April when I was living at my friend's house, and after two haphazard house moves and many intervening months, I'd wound up with not the faintest idea which box it was in. And a thorough scouring of every box had failed to turn it up, so I was starting to feel thoroughly clueless about it.

A little while ago, I was in the spare room cuddling Jemima, who has her food and bed and so forth in there and was enjoying my company. Then she got cheeky and took a swipe at my hand, so I decied to amuse myself by looking through some of the odd collections of stuff in my "random storage" boxes - some of the bags in these boxes haven't actually been sorted since I left Sydney in December 2005, so there's some stuff in there that I've forgotten I ever bought or acquired.

As I was attacking a box, I noticed on top of it a green bag which I'd seen many times before. It had half a dozen fiction books on top, so I'd pretty much dismissed it as "bag of books" and ignored it. But as I moved it aside I noticed that there was a medicine spray and a toiletries bag underneath the books, and I thought “wait, what else might be in there?”. With the remote in mind, I lifted the books out and . . . there was the remote! I couldn’t believe it, after all this time, that finding it was that simple. *headdesk*

PS: Awww. When I came online I vaguely hoped that S might be online - he's not working until tomorrow afternoon/evening and sometimes he stays up quite late so there was just a slight chance. I don't know if he picked up vibes from me or what, but he logged in to MSN about 10 minutes after I did, and of course immediately checked that I was okay because he was so surprised to see me online this late. He reminded me that he gave me a teddy bear to cuddle when I miss him, and told me he misses me too, and generally made me feel loved and warm and better. I'll try sleeping again soon.


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