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Sunday, March 9, 2008


I, er, broke one of the school's photocopiers. Whoops.

It's Sunday, but I'd just popped over to the school to copy some stuff for the relief teacher who is taking my class for the next three days, while I'm on training courses. I was copying grid paper onto overheads (so the kids can estimate area using 1cm squares) and one of the overheads melted inside the machine. They were supposed to be copier-safe according to the aide who gave them to me, but apparently not.

I managed to get all of the plastic out (getting several small burns in the process!) but I think it had already done some damage and now the copier won't work at all. Bother?

I've left notes for people explaining what happened and marked up all of the copying that was still to be done so that the relief can do it on the other copier (which I can't get to with my set of keys). That's all I can do. But it was NOT a pleasant feeling, especially as I'd decided to go do the copying before dinner and got progressively hungrier as the disaster continued. Blech!


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