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Thursday, March 13, 2008


I was back in the classroom today, after three days of training courses, and I'm rather delighted to say that I missed teaching and missed the kids, and was glad to be back. I was scared I’d discover I actually hated it lol. Silly!

As always in my life, I’m struggling with impatience today. A friend who I was very close to during my undergrad (and for whom I harboured a secret crush for YEARS) was married recently and I just finished looking at his wedding photos on Facebook. And of course it’s made me want to stamp my feet and wail that it’s MY TURN DAMNIT!!!!!

I know it’ll happen and I know it’ll probably be within the next two calendar years, but although time is flying I’m having trouble reconciling myself to the wait. It’s not like I can make it happen any faster, nor would I want to because I’m an old-fashioned gal and I want S to do the work :-D But it’s so hard to squelch that impatience and frustration. Inner calm and patience just aren’t happening for me at the moment.

Basically I’m just a silly jealous girl who wants what everyone else has, right now, and is willing to whine about it to anyone who will listen. Forgive me?


I feel like that about a house. we've been renting an apt for three years and it just seems like suddenly everyone's getting or about to get a house. of course, my frustration is really a deeper issue about fiscal responsibility, but... I'm still impatient for my own little house to put up my own darn curtains in. Blue ones.

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