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Friday, August 21, 2009

Not Again . . .

The doctor's verdict is that either the first infection never quite cleared up, or I picked up a second one. Either way my virus-ravaged lungs were susceptible to infection, and I've got one. So I've got more antibiotics, stronger ones this time, and throat-deflating cough lozenges (lol) and instructions to rest, damnit. I'm going to try to do that . . . honestly . . .

These have been three truly horrible weeks, between this virus & bacteria assault and MD's perfidy and our school's financial trouble (and some of the teachers' state of denial about it, which led to me having a very angry exchange with a twit of a woman who doesn't want to face up to the facts - an outburst which left me sobbing on the school admin's shoulder afterwards while she assured me that her son loves my class and the other woman is a complete idiot). I feel battered and bruised by it all, and hope that the downturn is over for the time being! I'm doing as much as I can to get healthy and stay sane and rebuild my life even better than it was before. Here's hoping it works.

I should be in bed . . . just hopped on to check whether I can spray eucalyptus oil on my pillow to any effect before I toddle off ;)


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