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Friday, April 24, 2009

Errandy Things

I gave blood this morning and then went and got my hair cut, as per the routine I'm trying to develop. It was my 5th donation so I got a little commemorative pin - yay! I'm still feeling a little strange but it's wearing off now that I've had lunch. I went to the same hairdresser as last time, and she did a great job the second time running, so I'm impressed. I explained what I'm trying to do: I want to grow it down to my waist, but I want to maintain layers in it all the way up to my ears even when it's long. So I wanted a little bit off the ends just to get rid of the dry stuff, and layers cut back in up the back and sides so that it's still bouncy. She did just that, and gave me a cute bouncy wave of hair over my left ear (my part is above my right ear) which forms a neat little curl next to my left cheek. It's cute and lively and I love it.

I'm performing in an ANZAC Day parade tomorrow with my concert band, in which we are marching - my first march! I'm trying to get the music memorised so that I don't trip over my own feet. It's going interestingly.

I got new contacts yesterday with a slightly stronger prescription - a few weeks ago I realised that my distance vision had gone sproing again, and I've been struggling to switch between close and distant (which teachers have to do a LOT - looking at a child's book one minute and then giving the teacher stare to a child at the other end of the room the next minute!). So off to the optometrist I went, and the verdict was that each eye has deteriorated a quarter point. My last prescription allowed me to use the same power of lenses in each eye, but my optometrist decided that this time I need a stronger one in my left eye (which has always been the dodgier of the two). They're up to -2.50 (right) and -2.75 (left). They started off as -0.25 and -0.50 when I was 15 *sigh*. The good news is that the new contacts work beautifully: the distance is crisp again :) And the headaches are gone, yay! Hopefully it'll be another two years before I have to get them reassessed.

I think that's all the news for now!


Got it BAD????.......hmmm i say its all over, theres no got it...... u have it and UR IN LOVVVVVVVE!!!!!!!!
I liked your idea for your hair - I'm trying to grow mine out and am going crazy with it. I might see if my hairdresser can do the same.

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