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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to it . . .

School has been back in for two days now. It's going much more smoothly than it did at the start of the year - most of the kids have got used to the idea that this new arrangement is here to stay and that there's plenty of good new stuff happening. Literacy groups are going well, music is working, I'm starting a whole-school voluntary choir, and so on. Up to my usual tricks, basically :D

I went to see Tim Minchin's stand up routine at the Perth Concert Hall last night. He was absolutely brilliant (I spent most of the evening in tears of laughter) and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We had great seats - right up the back out of the way of being picked on, but with a perfect view down to the stage. The comedy was sharp, clever, linguistically savvy, and wandered back and forth over the comfort line perfectly. And it contained one of the best comedy bait-and-switch moments I've ever seen (a song about discrimination, making reference to a word that contains "a couple of gs, an r and an e, an i and an n" ... not what you're thinking though). Plus, he is an AMAZING pianist. It was a great evening and I'd thoroughly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity goes to see him. Also, youtube him. I can recommend Storm and there's plenty more on youtube.


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