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Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter at last . . .

First term is over. In some ways it seemed to fly by, in others it crawled . . . I'm just glad that now I have two weeks off and can work out which was is up again!

Still got assignments to finish, but I'm getting there.

People are strange - two kids in our class were pulled out at the end of this term because the mother didn't feel that we were experienced enough Montessori teachers to teach her kids the way she wants them to be taught. So ... she's sending them to a strict private school that adheres to the mainstream education style. That is, the style in which I *am* trained. Go figure. We know she actually has a private issue with the principal that has nothing to do with us teachers (she has said it herself) but it's amusing that she a) needs to tell herself a story about why the kids are leaving that leaves out her issue with the principal; and b) that the story she's picked has such a great big plot hole in it. People!


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