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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Babies :)

I have a new cousin tonight - my uncle David and his wife Frances (I don't call her my aunt because she's only three years older than me, David only being 9 years older!) welcomed a little girl named Josephine into the world today. It's similar to the kind of name I predicted for them earlier in the year (I picked Katherine, Elizabeth, Emma, Lucy and Sarah - old-fashioned classics) but I'm glad it's something a bit less overused than the ones I chose!

I'm incredibly happy for them and wish they were here instead of England (they're bringing Josephine back for a visit in September, thankfully!).


Baby jealousy is such a painful thing. I went into hysterical tears when I saw pictures of Alexander's new niece - and now I'm meeting her for the first time.

*hugs* We're no closer to having a baby, so you have my sympathy.

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