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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Weigh-In

I haven't done one of these for ages - I haven't been dieting consistently or concentrating at all, so I didn't really feel up to it.

Yesterday evening I thought I was looking a little chubby around the chin, so although my clothes aren't tight or anything, I thought I'd better hop on the scales this morning to see whether I'd gained any back. Better to know!

But . . .


I've LOST weight! It's been fluctuating between 73 and 74 for a couple of months now, with the odd dip down into the 72s. This, however, is the lowest that it's been! I'm still losing!

I guess I'm looking chubby around the throat because I've lost weight from around there and changed the balance. That happens to me a lot as I lose weight randomly off different bits of me lol.

I won't make the 60s by Christmas but I'm still not gaining and that's the main thing. If I can avoid gaining through Christmas I'll be right on track to start back on the Core plan on the 1st of January, and stick to it.


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