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Monday, December 15, 2008

But what do I WANT?

The interview with the Montessori school is tomorrow, and I'm totally torn about the outcome. I do want to be back in the city, rather desperately. There are so many things I'd like to do, plans I'd like to make etc. But moving will be difficult. Affording the move will be difficult. There are disadvantages as well as the good stuff.

There are things I will miss about this town, like the space and the peace and the choir and some of the kids. But there are also things I will most definitely NOT miss.

On the balance I think I do want the Montessori job, but there will be some very hard stuff to get through if I get it.

In other news, I'm icing my head because I managed to swing my flute case into the corner of my eye socket & eyebrow while I was getting out of the car this evening. Nice look if I have a big bruise for the interview tomorrow!


flute-case into eye..2 weeks ago,I cut my hand on a broken door-lock in the K-Mart fitting room while yanking a top over my head. It bled enough to leave the cubicle looking like a t.v. crime scene. The clerks came to my aid with band-aids. It's only now getting better. Dumb accidents!
With luck, your bruise, if you have one, shouldn't be completely developed by tomorrow.
Not anon;it's Tassie.

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