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Friday, December 12, 2008

LOL People

I found out a short while ago that some people I know online - people I respected online - have been publicly and complicitly bitching on their blogs about a whole lot of people on the website we frequent. I was amongst those being called names by these people.

I have done a huge amount of emotional growth this year, and changed a great deal, so it was interesting to observe the way I reacted to this. My first reaction resembled the old me, who was so riddled with insecurity that any external challenge to my self-belief had to be exterminated with extreme prejudice (misuse of phrase intentional! ). I wanted to go roaring in there and blast them.

But then the new me took over, and gently pointed out: "Why bother?".

And that's the end of it, really. Why bother? I can't control their reactions, their emotions, their beliefs. If they're so heavily invested that the naming tastes and interactions of internet acquaintances require such vitriol, that's their loss. I've been there and done that, and I know how bad it was for me, and what a negative headspace I was in until I kicked the habit of behaving like that. I occasionally slip up - as do we all! - but I no longer let fury at others define me. And I like it this way.

I am living healthily in mind, body and soul, and I do not let my past define, control or delude me. I know who I am, and I no longer have any need for this . . .

In other news, thank goodness it's the weekend. I'm EXHAUSTED. Four teaching days left . . .

ADDING: Lol again. I just found an entry by one of the above bloggers where this person bitched about a thread I'd started asking people what their favourite cat colouring was. This blogger compared my question to asking whether a boy or girl baby would be better (yeah because people totally choose that) and generally went on about how pathetic it was. I'm giggling madly over here. I haven't ever heard of anyone choosing a cat based on anything other than its appearance, whether they've gone for a particular breed or a particular colour of moggie. Honestly, if you're going to bitch about someone, at least choose something logical!

What would we do without nutty people to laugh at . . .


In the US I think it's a bit different. I was also slightly bothered by that thread - because coloring has nothing to do with how or why I chose a cat, nor does breed. I always adopt and so it's personality, temperament, traits and that sort of thing that I look at first. Most people I know do the same - it's all about the personality and not the breed.

Believe me, I'm not defending her but more explaining her view.

I honestly don't care much for the way a cat looks, though. I'm like my mom that way - animals either fall into our laps or we choose the least adoptable ones. Boston is a perfect example - he was (and is when he's not shaved) one fugly dog with a rather bizarre personality and Teo is somewhat the same - not many would take on an 11 year old cat. (Then again we did it because we didn't want the chaos of a kitten - how were we to know how much energy this little brat would have?!?)

Array is highly dramatic, I'll give you that - Tippins and her deserve each other.

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