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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Prayers of thankfulness

I am shaking so hard right now I can barely type. It's a mixture of relief and shock, and a little bit of low blood sugar, but I'm trying to fix that. What a week I've had!

On Monday at about 4pm, S phoned me in hysterics to say that he'd had a car accident on the way home from his prac school and needed picking up. He didn't say how bad it was, and all the way there I was murmuring half-formed prayers that everything was okay.

I nearly had a heart attack when I got there and saw the car upside down in a paddock! A flock of cockatoos had flown in front of the car, and S had lost control on the gravel (it's an unsealed road), hit a wire fence and rolled into the paddock. He managed to get his seatbelt undone, and crawled out of the smashed rear window. He was VERY shaken up and devastated about the damage to the car (it's almost certainly a write-off) but otherwise seemed fine apart from a bloodied hand. I took him straight to hospital, and apart from a headache, a very sore shoulder where the seatbelt was holding him, and a set of superficial glass cuts on his hand, he was completely alright. He has been extremely sore for the past few days, but alright nonetheless. He is incredibly lucky, people die in that sort of accident, and I'm unbelievably thankful.

On Tuesday and Wednesday he got lifts to and from his school, but today I leant him my car because he had to be at school really early for an excursion (he was taking his prac class to the Perth Zoo). He was supposed to come straight to my school after school, and pick me up between 4 and 4:30 because we wanted to go shopping. So, 4:30 came and went, and I began to get worried. I tried calling him, calling home in case he'd forgotten to pick me up, and calling his school . . . no answer anywhere. By 5:30 I was deeply distressed, and decided to walk home (school is about a 10 minute walk from my house), to check there before going in to panic mode. The whole time I was praying that he was alright but geting more and more afraid that he wasn't. I got home and he wasn't here, spoke to his mother who phoned to speak to him and also hadn't heard from him, and was about to call his supervising teacher to find out what time he left his school, before getting a friend to drive me along the road to his school in search of him, when he FINALLY phoned me.

The car he was a passenger in coming back from the Zoo had broken down in an area where there was no mobile phone reception, so he'd been stranded for several hours and hadn't even been able to text to let anyone know he was alright. He is on his way home now having finally got back to his school where my car was.

Now I'm just praying that he's okay on the drive home - the same road that the first accident happened on, but in the dark and in the rain. Please God just let him get home safe!

But I am desperately relieved that he wasn't unconscious or worse in my car somewhere along that road. Thankyou, Lord.


I absolutely feel for your panic, and I'm very glad indeed that S. was not badly injured. Praise God!
(again, having difficulity getting this accepted in my own person, so I choose Anonymous, but I'm not, it's Tassiegirl.)

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