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Friday, May 16, 2008

Erm . . . hi :-)

I'm not quite as sick as I was when I last posted, but I've been headachey on and off, and today is one of those nights. Blech.

School is normal (one part annoying, one part rewarding, thoroughly stirred). I'm still really enjoying having S here and I'm dreading the day when he has to go home in four weeks' time. We've settled into a lovely routine and the relationship continues to be strong. It's just lovely :-) We're about to head out to Little Country Town's sole cafe to get cheeseburgers and chips for dinner . . . our little Friday night treat. Yummy!

I haven't got much other news to report, except that the new car is still awesome. Oh, and that I won't be in Little Country Town next year (or rather, I will be exchanging this Little Country Town for another Country Town, probably a bigger one!). S and I have made the decision that the Midlands region where I currently live is not part of our 5-year plan, so he is going to apply for somewhere in the Mid West, which is a large area north of Perth, going from the edge of the Perth metro area right up to Exmouth, some 1250km from Perth, and east for quite a way too. Map:

We're planning to try for one of the larger towns, such as Geraldton or Carnarvon, so that I will be able to get a job there too. Geraldton has six public primary schools and six private schools so there's a pretty good chance I'll snag a position if S is posted there. So there'll be another January house move for me and another new place, but it'll be with S and that makes it 100% worthwhile. I'm looking forward to it, too - the Mid West has a spectacular landscape in parts, all gorges and red rocks and turquoise sea (google-image Kalbarri, you'll see what I mean! We'd love to live in Kalbarri but it's not exactly hard to staff, being so gorgeous lol).

So that's me at the moment. I'm teaching my class to play the recorder at the moment and have finally, after craving it since I was about 9, managed to get my hands on an alto recorder and a tenor recorder (much bigger and lower than the usual descant recorders that are taught in school!). I'm ecstatic and I'm going to bring some home from school to play with :-D I'm trying to get the kids to play in a little recorder orchestra. Good fun!


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