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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A few photos

I spent most of today at the beach in Rockingham with Mum, 11yo-sis and 9yo-brother. I'd had enough of swimming after lunch, so I sat on the beach playing with my new camera.

Some piccies . . .

Beachy art shot:

Close-up of a very small shell:


The beach:

It was a nice day . . . we swam, had fish and chips for lunch, swam / sat on the beach, had an icecream then headed home. I got both kids to try (and like!) calamari . . . although I didn't tell them it was squid until after they both said they liked it lol.

The highlight of my day was this exchange with 9yo:

9yo: I think there's a dangerous fish
Me: No, there's no dangerous fish at this beach
9yo: Then what's that dark shape?
Me: My shadow!



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