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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Over the last couple of weeks, several people (non-teachers) have asked me whether I had all my planning done for next term. I've hedged every time because frankly, while I've got a full set of ideas about what I want my kids to achieve this term, I don't want to get into the lesson-by-lesson planning until I've got a clearer idea of how this class and this school are going to work.

And now I'm so glad I didn't put weeks of work into that sort of planning, because it seems I'm switching classrooms!

This afternoon I went to have coffee with Amanda and Carline, the other two teachers. Amanda has about 5 years’ experience and has the K-1 class, whereas Carline is a graduate like me and had been given the 5-7 class. Almost as soon as I sat down we got on to the topic of the fact that Carline is feeling panicked about that class and that the new principal (unexpectedly new!) had suggested that we could swap classrooms.

Now, I really wanted the middle group, but I’ve actually had no experience with kids that age, whereas I had two pracs with year 6/7 classes. And I could see in Carline’s face how much the class was worrying her. So I said on the spot that I’d swap, and she was so relieved that she hugged me, even though I’d only met her 5 minutes earlier!

I’m happy enough with the swap – years 5, 6 and 7 students can be pretty cool and you can do a lot more with older classes – and I’m very relieved that I haven’t wasted masses of time planning for a group I won’t be teaching. The planning I have done is perfectly applicable to the group I’ve now got as I’ll just make the assignments harder and the artworks more complex, and so forth. I hadn’t spent any money on resources yet either, apart from one book which will now seriously help Carline so I don’t mind that so much. And I’ve also gained a little, as some maths books that Mum had bought in case 9yo-brother needed them when he was older are now the perfect age for the kids in my classroom.

But, woah. Change of mindset required, and I start work tomorrow!

For the next two days I’ll be at the school with the other staff getting the place ready, then I’ve got the weekend to tie up any loose ends and spend time with S, and then . . . I’m teaching.



You'll be fine, I know. And it was a very kind thing you did, trading with the panicked Carline.
Wishing you good luck!

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