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Sunday, July 22, 2007


I went for another nature ramble on Wednesday, along a former railway line near where I live (it's now a well-maintained bridle trail). Unfortunately I forgot to check the camera's batteries, and thus I only have photos from the first 10 minutes of my walk. But I got some nice ones nonetheless, and here they are.

A tree near the bus stop.

Part of the old railway trail (it was a one-track steam railway).

Some wattle flowers, although not the ones truly native to the area. The place was simply alive with the scents I associate with home in winter - the honey-sweet scent of wattle flowers, wet clay, running water, crushed grass, sprouting lilies, damp earth.

A little waterfall in the winter creek that runs alongside the railway line.

More of the rocky creekbed. The creek is about half a metre lower now than it was in my childhood, but it's still beautiful.

Another stretch of the trail, showing one of the railway cuttings.

I'll have to do the walk again in two weeks' time, I think - it's supposed to rain all this week and into next week, so the creek will be higher when I go again. And this time I'll remember to take spare batteries, so that I can capture some of the things I missed, such as the vivid purple hovea growing from the granite outcrops, and the funny miniature swamps that are full of tadpoles.

I love my suburb :-)

PS: Amie: I'm very careful about not revealing where this actually *is* on this blog, as I don't want to be locatable. But I'm sure you'll recognise it!


I spent many childhood days playing in the creek and riding my horse along the trail! I didnt realise you had lived so close to me.
I didn't really live that close to the area in the photos - I lived in the eastern part of the suburb as a kid (up near Callie and Beth, if you knew where they lived?) but I was very active and so were the rest of my family, so we did lots of walking and my brother and I used to ride our bikes all over the place. I know the eastern part of the trail better, but the western part is more picturesque.

I didn't know you'd had a horse! Lucky you :-D
Lovely photos, and I'm hoping you're doing well.

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