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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Three down, one to go

I was really fretting about today's exam (maths curriculum) - the other exams are all open book or page-of-notes exams, so this was the only wholly memory-based exam I've had to do since 2001. I really had no idea whether I'd prepared adequately or not.

However, despite all my stressing, the exam was easy, and I was finished and out the door an hour and ten minutes into the writing time (it was a 2 hour exam). I’m relieved!

The last exam is English Curriculum tomorrow morning, and it’s open book and three essays so I’m not too worried.

Next week I’ve got two intensive maths days and two intensive English days, and then I’ve got two weeks’ break – my last break of any sort (apart from Sundays) until mid-October. I’m going to enjoy those two weeks to their fullest – lots of writing, lots of rambling walks, lots of photography. Then – the long haul of Professional Internship begins.


Nice to hear your exams are under control... that's great news... no need for the rocket launcher then!

I was thinking we should catch up for dinner like we planned next week (whilst doing the intensives)...

I hope English this morning was similarly breezy...


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