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Saturday, June 30, 2007


While cleaning up after dinner today, we (Mum, James, Sis and I) were discussing the possibility of Sis and I going to see Pirates III at the cinema. Mum accidentally said "Harry Potter" instead of "Pirates" (we're watching the first HP tonight), which prompted me to suggest that it was only a matter of time until there was a spoof called "The Pirates of Azkaban".

This led to . . .

"The Return of the Fellowship of the Parrots of the Pirates of Azkaban".

After pronouncing this we all caught the rhythm of it and chorused:

"But it's too late, because they just passed by!"

(cake for anyone who can name the song we were quoting)

I love my family!

Edited to add two things:

1. I've realised that this post probably makes no sense to anyone who wasn't there. Oh well!

2. My wonderful uncle (who leads a Labor Party sub-branch, the one that had the meeting at which I met the rather nice guy from three posts ago) . . . sent me the link to the Facebook of aforementioned nice young man. "Nice young man" is not too young for me! *squee* There is hope!

Bedtime now . . .


Oh, there is never such a thing as too young or too old as long as everyone's legal!

Well done! Remind me that I owe you cake :-D

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