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Thursday, June 14, 2007

All done

My exams are over for the semester, and I'm feeling quite relieved and relaxed. Yay!

I also got my placement today for THE prac (the 8-week one, the one that really matters). I once again discovered the value of going in and talking to the placements officer face to face. When I filled out the form, I’d put down that I’d prefer Year 4/5, Year 6/7 or Year 1-3 in that order. However it seems that year 4/5 teachers are the scarcest for placements, and she really didn’t want to put me in another 6/7 class (since I haven’t done anything else) so she was having a lot of trouble placing me. She suggested a school that she thought might be too far away, and which was a Year 1 class so she didn’t think I’d want it. But I’m happy to teach Year 1 – I want to build a career teaching Years 4-7, but I need experience at both ends of the spectrum as I can’t be sure I’ll get a job placement in that age group to start with. And the school happens to be a short and straightforward bus and train trip from home, and is also in the same suburb as the private school my brother goes to. So it’s super convenient, and she was able to put my name down for it on the spot.

It’s an inner-suburbs school with a high immigrant population but which also intakes from a reasonably wealthy area of new riverside housing, so it should be an interesting mix. I’m glad to have it settled!


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