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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Feeling Droopy

With exams over, it feels like I ought to be settling down for a nice solid break in which I can actually relax.

Instead I have a week of classes, then a two-week break in which I have to work on two assignments, then a week of classes, then a one-week break in which the two assignments are due; and then I'm on prac again. After 10 weeks straight of prac and classes, I finally get another two week break (in which I have to work on another assignment). Then I have another two weeks of classes.

I simply don’t know what happens after that, whether I have other assignments or exams to study for, or whether I’ll finally get a break then. Either way, it’s 19 exhausting weeks until I can even hope for some true relaxation. And bear in mind that I’ll be working Thursday nights and all day Saturdays throughout that time.

I’ve just had enough. I want this year to be over and the course completed, I want to know where I’m going to be placed so I can deal with it, and I want to be out there doing instead of being examined all the time.

I know it’ll feel different once I’m on Prac – the exhilaration of the experience will carry me through. But right now I’m just exhausted and sore and soul-achy. Not to mention ravenous due to this goddamn diet which gives me the right number of calories but no satisfaction whatsoever.

I just want it all to go away.


Hang in there Christine.

Sony and I promise we will forget all about your diet at dinner on Tuesday night I promise... that way we can just eat the genuinely good food... calories meh :P

Can't wait.

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