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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jemima update

I realised that I haven't updated regarding Jemima recently.

She's nearly 4 months old now, and has grown a lot. I'm going to have to replace her collar soon as it's almost too small. She's sleeker than she used to be - the baby kitten fluffiness is completely gone.

She's a typical manic kitten - she will attack anything, climb anything, eat anything. We have to be very careful of everything to keep her safe! And she gets hissed at and sprayed with the water bottle all the time, for doing things she's not allowed to do.

When she's not being naughty, she's adorable. She's going through a clingy phase at the moment, and loves to be near one of us. Right now she's asleep in her cat-bed, which is sitting on a kitchen chair positioned less than a metre from my desk chair. I can guarantee that if I get up and walk into the hallway, Jem will look up and miaow pointedly, as if to say "don't go away, I want you here!". If I stay away for more than a minute or two, she will come looking for me, miaowing repeated complaints that I went away and now she's lonely! It's adorable.

And when she's playing with her toys (as opposed to shoelaces, the bathroom plug or tissues looted from my rubbish bin!), she's incredibly cute. She does somersaults over things, hunts them, and pounces on them from behind things, with her little tail and behind twitching.

She's perfectly healthy and seems happy, so it seems like we're doing something right!

Here's a photo of her sleeping sprawled out on my bed, trying to stay cool during the last heat wave. Isn't she cute?

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