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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What a fantastic birthday I've had!

The 11th was my birthday, and it's the best birthday I've had for a long time. For a start, it's the first birthday since 2003 that I've been home in Perth with all of the family around me. I also got a great haul of presents . . . more about that below.

My birthday celebrations started on Sunday with dinner at Dad's. It was Belinda's birthday on the 10th, so we had a joint dinner, with no fuss. The food was very decent given Anita's style of cooking! Daniel came with me, and met that lot for the first time. We played backyard cricket (well, front-yard in actuality), and I bowled David out twice, even though he plays cricket every week as his sport. Rah! Still got the knack! :-D

I didn't really get any presents from that side of the family - I asked Dad to take some money off what I owe him as a present, and David and Belinda gave me a keyring (which is totally not my style, but I'll find some use for it somewhere!).

The morning of my birthday started with opening a card from my paternal grandmother, which had arrived on Friday, and which to my surprise contained $50. I wasn't expecting anything! She said in the card that it was to help with expenses around Christmas, which was sweet.

The next surprise came when I was just about to leave for work. J is in Canberra with Bec and Jon this weekend, and I thought that they were going to buy a present there, and then I'd get it when Joneen got home (today). But instead, I found a text message from Bec telling me to go look in the bottom of J's wardrobe!! The present there turned out to be Scattergories, my favourite board game that I've been asking for for years. I actually danced around the room with it :-D

At work we had a morning tea for me and another girl whose birthday was on the weekend. We had to provide the cake, though! Then a little later, my team gave me a gift, which was only a hand wash and hand cream set - a little silly since I sell Nutrimetics, but still, it's the thought that counts.

The most glorious surprise of the day came at about 3:30, when the receptionist came walking down the hall carrying a dozen long-stemmed roses that Daniel had sent me. I had no hint that he had planned anything at all (we had dinner together on Saturday and I kind of assumed that that was my birthday thing with him). They weren't just roses, either - they were 70cm-stemmed Black Magic roses, which are a particular type of rare and expensive red rose with dark-edged petals. It even had a hand-written card. He'd been planning it for two weeks! When I phoned him later he was really cute about it - trying to pass it off as "nothing really" but at the same time making sure I knew how much expense and effort was involved. Lol.

After work I went up to Mum's and had dinner with that lot plus Jean and Paul. Dinner was lovely and the cake I asked Mum to make was perfect. I got a very decent set of presents, too. Jean and Paul gave me a Folio Society diary, which is a lovely illustrated diary. They gave me one last year too (for this year) and I have no argument with having another one for next year! Elanor and Robert gave me a beanbag and the beans to put in it, so it's a good thing I had Joneen's car lol. I've wanted a beanbag for years and I'm quite shocked that I finally got one! Nicola and James gave me a great comprehensive general-purpose tool kit and a nice set of BBQ utensils. Steven got me a set of locking pliers (which were the only thing the tool kit didn't have but really needed) and a pair of maroon ceramic candlesticks. They were all things that were on my list so I feel really spoiled!

I'll post a photo of the roses when I get a chance. They really are wonderful :-D

In other news, I've now got *two* waitressing jobs, at two different cafes. One is for weekends and the other is for weekday evenings, so that should work out fine for next year. Yay!


you should have stolen Tim's bean bag when you had the chance!


Nice blog, glad to see things are going your way.

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