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Thursday, December 28, 2006

A very nice Christmas indeed

The Christmas whirlwind started on Sunday 24th. J and I went to an Advent mass in the morning, then I went up to Mum's. Mum, Elanor, Robert and I spent the afternoon making various fancy and filled chocolates and truffles. Good fun! I invented two new recipes (one filled chocolate and one slice), both of which were very tasty.

On Christmas Eve we had a BBQ in the backyard, then sat around talking. Eventually 'us kids' all went to bed and Mum and James put the presents out.

On Christmas Morning we had the usual present-opening bonanza. I got:

From Mum & James: A great 4-person picnic set in a backpack, which includes a thermos and a cooler compartment; and a $50 iTunes voucher

From Steven: The board game "Twister"

From Elanor: A pack of silver candles and two glass candlesticks

From Robert: A picnic rug that matches the picnic set

In my stocking: Some Ferrero Rocher chocolates and some chocolate coins. And a Santa hat, which Mum only bought because it said "Warning: Not A Toy. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children" on the label! It amused her :-D

After lunch James dropped me at Midland train station and I went off to Clarkson to meet Daniel. His present was possibly the best of all this Christmas - a full set of the DVDs of the series "Firefly". I really wanted it but hadn't put it on my list. It's sold out in Perth, too - he had to order it in!

After an hour veging at my house, Daniel and I drove back to Nicola's for the Christmas dinner. I set the table with my usual flair (lol) - I'll post pictures when Mum sends them to me. Dinner was a traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings, followed by a plum pudding with icecream and rum butter. Yummmm.

After a pleasant evening's chatting, Daniel and I drove home, and Daniel stayed at my house.

On Boxing Day morning we had a nice sleep-in, then drove to Dad's for lunch. Lunch was pleasant (seafood and cold cuts), and the conversation amicable and harmless, if nowhere near as stimulating or amusing as the conversation at Mum's. Presents were:

From Dad & Anita: $300 off what I owe Dad!

From David & Belinda: A nice, if a little cutesy, necklace and earrings (all on a purple heart theme - a bit childish but I'll no doubt find something to wear them with)

From "Santa" at Dad's house: A box containing various chocolates, biscuits etc out of a hamper.

Plus we had great crackers at Dad's, from which I got a stainless steel biro and a cute silver-look necklace.

On the morning of the 27th Daniel went home early and I mooched around then got my act together and went to visit my grandmother at her retirement village a few suburbs away. We had a very nice afternoon tea and a nice gossip, and I got a box of choc macadamias (as if I needed more chocolate lol) and a scratch-n-win ticket on which I won $10. I also got a card from my aunt and uncle in Sydney with $40 in it.

So that was my Christmas. Fun, family, fine presents and friendliness. Lol.


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