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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nutty Cat

Jemima went nuts for a while yesterday, running around constantly and attacking everything, up to and including walls. J, in a moment of exasperation when we found the bath plug under her bed courtesy of Jemima, came out with the following:

"Jemima, you are a galloping, freaking, jumping, biting discombobulation!"

I rather liked it :-D

I must add - in the spirit of fairness - that Jemima gave me a fright nearly as good as J's, last night. I was lying quietly in bed reading, facing towards the edge of the bed, when Jemima jumped up *right* in front of my face. I shrieked in terror at the surprise, then had hysterics. My shriek wasn't as good as J's scream, though.

The funny thing was that my shriek settled Jemima down. She'd been manic up to that moment but after scaring the living daylights out of me, she went to sleep under my bed and I heard not a peep out of her until my alarm clock went off this morning! What's with that?


Crazy Kitty Mode.

Panzer also has a habit of doing that. She'll get bugged-eye, and run from one end of the apartment to another. I think it's just a sudden burst of energy. There might be a biological reason - as Maggie doesn't. I talked to one woman about the difference between ferel cats and domestic's a brain difference. From what you've said about Jemima, she seems to have a feral streak. (Panzer certainly does)

Congrats on the date, I hope it goes well.

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