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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

*Cries with laughter*

The funniest thing just happened . . . I'm still gasping with laughter.

J is in her room studying, and before this event she was very tense and worried about tomorrow morning's exam. Because she was concentrating hard, she didn't notice that Jemima had wandered into her room . . . until Jemmy-cat suddenly clawed her leg.

J gave the primal scream to end all primal screams - I've never heard anything quite like it - and then collapsed into helpless hysterics which lasted at least five minutes. Of course she set me off too, so we both just stood there trying to laugh and cry at the same time.

She's a bit more relaxed now, after that adrenaline rush ;-D But, oh, I wish there had been some sort of recording equipment going at the time. The scream was just awesome. There's no way to express the terror J packed into that one short scream.

I love my cat.


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