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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Another day, another Jemima picture . . .

She is far less timid today - she'll come out from under things while we're around, even if we're not waving the toy mouse around. She now thinks about coming when I call - even if she doesn't quite do it yet! She loves being held and will let me pick her up, and will sit on my chest purring for as long as I can hold her (which is ages lol, although she hasn't quite got the idea that biting peoples' knuckles is against the rules, and she has very sharp claws too!).

She will also now sleep out in the open, rather than under something. This is a picture I took a few moments ago, of her dozing on my bed. I think I'm getting the camera figured out - I suspect I had it on the 'macro' setting by accident yesterday!

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