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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


It doesn't take much to throw one's plans into disarray.

This time, all it took was one fateful phone call from the prospective student centre at Murdoch, letting me know that external studies can *only* be done part-time, not full-time like I was hoping. Which means that it's now going to be TWO years until I'm out there teaching, not the one year I was hoping for.

I've cried to Mum over the phone and I've cried on J's shoulder, and things aren't looking as grim as they did when I first got the phone call. Mum made a point that I appreciated: there's almost certainly a *reason* why I have to wait the extra year - I just won't know what that reason is until it happens. But I'm still feeling pretty grey and washed out and disappointed.

And it throws my accommodation plans out, as I don't know where or with whom I can live in 2008.

At least I had to stay home from work today feeling ill - I wouldn't have wanted to receive that phone call while at work!

So not the best day all up :-/


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