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Monday, October 16, 2006


I am so stressed right now - work is just insane and I'm not coping with it at all. My boss keeps asking me to do things that just can't be done in the timeframe she wants them done in, but the timeframe is inflexible so I have to do them anyway. I'm considering writing little fables about bosses that ask the impossible (The Boss Who Cried "Now!" springs to mind as a possible title ...) and leaving them around the place. Plus it's apparently all my fault that a government department isn't getting back to us quickly, as if government departments *ever* get back to us quickly especially when we've made difficult requests!

And on top of that I'm feeling decidedly under-the-weather (a cold or too much wheat or both, I'm thinking both) and I'm worn out because I didn't sleep well. And I can't see properly because my new glasses haven't arrived yet. *And* I have to write a uni admission application and a scholarship application in the next two weeks. Not to mention trying to get this ****ing Nutrimetics business off the ground and trying to head off the well-meaning people who want to nag me about it!

. . . considering curling up under the desk and sobbing . . .


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