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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today is an important day.

Today, I am not with an arrogant alcoholic.
Today, I am not with a crazy-making drama-llama.
Today, I am not with a manipulative liar.
Today, I am not with an emotional abuser.
Today, I am not with a thick-as-a-brick idoliser.
Today, I am not with a self-absorbed twat.
Today, I am not with an incompatible kid.
Today, I am not with a deadbeat loser.

I call that a win.

Don't you?


I just started reading your blogs, Christine so I am not sure what your freedom means to you. Did you leave a mate, recently? I agree with your philosophy that we are a work in progress. I think I still need a lot of work! I am glad to hear you are over your sickness and it sounds exciting to be starting a new life.
Hi Jazzy,

I'm not sure how you found my blog, so I'm not sure how much of my background you know.

I have a long history of falling into bad relationships, as detailed in this post; the most recent ended 6 months ago. I am working patiently through the family-of-origin and emotional history work espoused by the blog 'Getting Past Your Past' (see the link on the right-hand side of my blog). That's what this post is about.

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