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Monday, August 27, 2007


After the long, long wait, I finally got my contract and letter from the Education Department today. WHEEE!

I'm going to be teaching in the Midlands region of Western Australia. I won't find out which school I'm going to be teaching at until October-ish, but for the time being it’s plenty enough to know that the school will be in Midlands.

Here’s a map: I currently live near the yellow star in the bright blue section, and the driving distance between Perth and Southern Cross is about 372 kilometres.

I’m so delighted that I’ve finally found out – I was running around screaming earlier! And today was the first day when I actually forgot to wonder whether the letter would be here when I got home lol.


Congratulations! U must be very excited! Glad to hear you are pleased with the decision :)
Let me know where you end up going.
Good luck. Noticed you haven't been posting much, and hope you're well.
Are you on STRIKE!!!! You havent written anything for yonks! and I want to know how the reunion went? Write something!!! hehehe

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