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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aww, I love my sister . . .

Sis (11.5 years old) has recently started reading all of the adult-level fantasy I was reading at her age - Raymond E. Feist, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey etc. She’s currently reading Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series – and coincidentally so am I, since old favourites are just about the only think my overworked brain can take at the moment. I was getting the next book out for her this evening, and we were talking about the books, when she said, laughing: “I wish fire lizards were real. It’s not fair!” I couldn’t help laughing with her, and we both got the giggles. I felt exactly the same way about fire lizards when I was her age – I used to pretend that our cat was a fire lizard when she curled up next to me while I was reading those books. Sis is growing into such a fascinating and delightful young lady, and so, so fast. It’s wonderful that she’s getting to the age where we can share things like that. I’m going to miss being around her all the time, when I go to the country next year. Mum doesn’t realise it yet but I’m going to steal Sis on school holidays rather a lot! 


Mira is becoming the same - it's just astonishing at how fast they grow up.
Thankfully, in both our cases, they're turning into wonderful, beautiful young ladies!

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