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Sunday, August 25, 2013

SCA Projects

I have so much going on in my head right now. School begins again soon, I'm still trying to write this book, and my SCA interests have leapt into action again. So I'm trying to at least write things down here so that they don't get forgotten. This post may be updated as I remember things!

  • I am now Deputy ID Chronicler. Must nag Lady Constanza for jobs.
Other projects:
  • Medieval tiles reproduced as rubber-backed tapestry for pavilion floor mats.
  • Recorder consort (or similar musical consort) with rehearsals conducted over Skype.
  • Insulae Draconis Song Book project.
  • Linked to the above, raising the tradition of Bardic song and storytelling in the Principality.
  • Make a linen-lined woollen hood and a warm woollen surcote for colder weather.
  • Use wire to create a new clasp for the Aneala cloak.
  • Make garb for the munchkin and take him to an event.
  • Get my own name and device registered (this should be submitted next month).
  • Heraldic cloak, once the above comes through.
Do ALL the things.


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