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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scare Factor

A while back, E and I discovered that we have an odd hobby in common. It essentially consists of looking at photos and accounts of ghost sightings until we frighten ourselves almost to the point of illness, then needing to look at Cute Overload or something until the sick-with-fear feeling goes away.

We know it's silly. We don't even believe in ghosts particularly. Neither is the point :P

This predilection for scary stories led me to spend almost an hour on Friday in a tiny Hertfordshire village library perusing the ghosts of towns throughout the county, which left me primed for what happened on Saturday.

We were up in Birmingham for E's university graduation. We had been up very early, endured a long train trip, sat through a long ceremony, ate a very satisfying repast then trundled all through Birmingham's city centre including seeing the Staffordshire Hoard in the museum (which was awesome, btw). We rounded it off with an attempt to visit the cathedral, which was closed. So, there were were, strolling back through the churchyard towards the station, exhausted from our day and really wanting to be home already. I spotted the grave of a little boy who had died aged two, murmured sadly over it, then moved to the next one... only to have teeny toddler hands appear on either side of the headstone.


I only blithered for a moment or two before I realised that they were the hands of an actual child playing hide and seek...

Note to self: no more scaring for a while!


Gads, do you remember that hideously awful night in that horribly creepy old convent in Northampton years ago, where everybody on a uni arch field trip completely lost their minds while convinced there was a haunting afoot? I'll never forget it. Easily the scariest place I've ever slept in my life!
Oh, yes, I do! Remember there was a knife in one of the dorms and everyone was getting hysterical about it?

The site was nearly as creepy as the convent - so desolate. I'll never forget the chill when someone dropped a rock into the mineshaft and it started making weird noises...

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