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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30 by 30

The week before last,  I found that I was having problems at work after lunch - I was very dozy and out of it.

So I tried a widely-recommended solution - not eating carbs at lunch, just protein / dairy and vegetables. Not only did it work - I feel refreshed after lunch, not sleepy - but I'm also feeling better all-round. A few days later I tried taking almost all of the carbs out of my dinner as well, loading up on salad instead. And . . . bingo. Feeling much healthier. I'm a little hungry some of the time, but I'm learning to ignore that.

And as a side effect - without even trying - I'm currently losing 200g a day. The numbers on the scales are going down like stair steps. Wonderful!

So I have started a commitment today. I'll stick to this light menu (along with my existing commitment to avoiding all preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, and most refined sugar and refined wheat) until I've lost 30kg. And I intend to lose that 30kg before I turn 30 in December. It's more than 46 weeks until my birthday; more than enough time, even with the fact that this weightloss will slow as I get closer to my goal, and even accounting for some plateauing around the move to London, which will no doubt disrupt whatever exercise routine I've developed before then!

I'm aiming high first up - I want to lose the first 15kg before I leave, 15.5 weeks from now. I will settle for 10, but I'd prefer 15! If all I have to do is keep up this eating plan and gradually increase my exercise, it should be an attainable goal.

So that's my commitment. I'll update the amount lost here from time to time.


I'm now successfully enrolled in three units for this semester: Intro to Literature, Thinking Theology, and The Life and Times of Ancient Israel. I'm excited :)

I've learned that to be ordained I'd have to follow up this BA Theol with a Master of Ministry, which is two years full time. So I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. This BA will take me until 2013, so I'll just enjoy it until then.


What about at my Anarchy Tea Party? :O
Lee, I will just not eat very much :P
we are trying low carbs too christine, and i lost 1.1kg last week!!!!
I recommend that instead of cutting out carbs you eat whole-wheat and things with fiber. Carbs are pretty important - cutting them out can lead to problems. (Then again you're talking to the person who lives on air-popped popcorn as a snack!)

Good luck on the weight-loss and with school. We're doing the same thing, it seems! I bet you'll lose the weight before Christmas. (I'm taking a class on grief, 19th Century American Lit - which I hate, Women in American History anda math class. The only one I'm really interested is the first - just piling on the classes to get it over and done with!)
before London - how or why Christmas got in there is beyond me. Trying to watch something for school (that is rather difficult - it's all about losing a child) and type is a bad idea.
Hey Siri :)

Don't worry, I haven't cut carbs out entirely, I've just moved most of them to the morning (I still have muesli for breakfast). I do often have a bit with lunch or dinner - a wholemeal wrap or a small serve of wholemeal pasta is most likely - but I've cut right back on the quantities.

I'm having a theory that people actually eat too much, full stop. Not just the people who pig out, but in general - I reckon that the meal sizes we're trained to expect in childhood and therefore accept as adults are just too large for our real requirements. I'll do some research about it sooner or later, if I ever have a spare second again . . .

The classes sound interesting (apart from maths :P). The grief one must be fascinating, and I imagine quite cathartic at times. Hope your semester goes well!
Just seeing this now - and I agree.

Xander and I eat small meals throughout the day - we have breakfast, lunch, something before he goes to work, then something (if I'm awake) when he comes back. It works for us, though I'd like to get on a regular schedule at some point.

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