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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good Evening,

And welcome to Christine, Wondering.

If you've come from my old blog, I'm glad to see you again. If you're a new reader, good to have you here!

On Christine, Wondering you are likely to read about:

  • My preparations for moving to London, which happens on the 8th May 2010;
  • My adventures in the Society for Creative Anachronism;
  • Funny anecdotes about my family, friends, workmates and random others;
  • Things I've done as a part of my ongoing Bachelor of English and Creative Arts (literature / creative writing);
  • Food I've made, the more organic the better;
  • Random philosophy about life experiences;
  • My battle to eat better, exercise more, and become more environmentally friendly;
  • Anything else that it occurs to me to write about.

Essentially, it's a window into my life, no matter where you or I are in the world.

Comments and conversation are very welcome!

I hope you will leave a comment introducing yourself and linking me to your own blog if you have one :)



Great new blog! And I'm glad it was a good birthday.

This is Tassie from BtN. I don't have a blog, nor am I on Facebook(my adult children are, so I think they'd prefer I stay off that!), however, can always be reached on BtN.

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