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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Comforts are falling into place. The doctor I saw yesterday prescribed sleeping tablets so that I'm getting enough sleep to recover. I managed to get in to a local not-for-profit health care centre's Medicare-funded counselling so I'll only be paying $25 a session (rather than the $100+ one pays commercially per session!). And my principal got alarmed at my general state of not-quite-coping and has given me fully paid stress leave until the end of next week so I've got time to get my head clear. And assured me that my job is in no danger and they want me to get well and come back and not burn out!

So I'm feeling like an unwound spring right now whose life has suddenly become a lot less complicated. If I don't update for a week it'll be because I've put away the computer all the better to recover!


I'm sorry you're going through this ((hugs)) but it's good things are getting sorted out and you're managing to get help. All the best!


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