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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Strangeness & Update . . .

A very odd thing happened at church today. During the sermon, a guy walked quickly into the cathedral and straight up the centre aisle, without pausing or showing any sign that he realised he might be interrupting. He cut through the nave, past the altar, and over to the prayer candles; dropped a coin in the box, lit a candle, crossed himself and walked straight back out again.

The Dean kept right on with his sermon, and no one moved to intercept the guy, but there was a fair bit of staring from the congregation.

What made it all the stranger was that this guy, based on appearance, was the kind of guy you would cross the road to avoid. His look and clothing and expression were all the sort you see on crimestoppers videos or on notices warning the public not to approach a dangerous offender. The look on his face and the determined way he walked raised all the hairs on the back of my neck - he looked just like the kind of guy who snatches bags or threatens people with knives. Nasty-looking.

His look, and the setting, and his actions, made the whole thing rather surreal. I made sure to pray that he didn't come in and light the candle because he was about to go off and do something awful!


I'm flat out at the moment getting ready to take my class on camp on Wednesday. I've been flat out organising it and getting everything ready, and I'm still not sure I've covered all my bases! With any luck we should be alright. It's going to be very cold down south but it looks like the weather should stay fine, so we should have a great time.


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