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Monday, June 8, 2009

Been a while . . .

I've been sick a lot and busy a lot over the last few weeks, and haven't had much time or energy for blogging, but I'm fine now :)

Life is normal: school varies between great and difficult, MD and I are fine, housemate and I are fine, Jemima is fine, money is tight but manageable, and the holidays are creeping ever closer! There's babies everywhere, moreso since my cousin had her son at 3:30am today - the first great-grandchild for my grandparents. I'm coping with it. I've gone a bit baby-name nuts recently, and what-I-want-at-my-wedding nuts, but I'm coping.

Not much else to say . . . life is ok :)


Congratulations on your new relationship. I have missed out on a lot on the Boards. Have you registered for your degree (creative writing)? Hope all is well. Take care. Porcelain
OMG!!! Its been nearly a month girl!! Ur so busy being in love!! This one is the real thing i am starting the think!!! haha happiness is well deserved :)

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