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Sunday, March 29, 2009

So, that blogging thing, right

I was up at Mum's this afternoon getting my budget plugged in to her budget program. I stayed for dinner, and as we were serving out, Mum said something about MD.

11yo Brother: Who is MD?
Mum: Christine's new boyfriend . . . is he a boyfriend, or someone you're just dating?
Me: Y-
13yo Sister: He's a boyfriend, they changed their statuses on Facebook.
Me: ...
Me: Totally busted by my sister. Thanks, sis!

Then everyone kind of fell about laughing :)


I'm happy things are going well with M.D. Yay!
I've been out of internet contact for about a week, with computer Issues, so was wondering.
It's very true, there are some good guys out just have to weed out the non-starters.
It's Tassie.

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