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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I will admit . . .

. . . that it is beautiful outside. There's a full moon, it's cool but not cold. The sky is clear and the stars are crisp. It's lovely.

BUT . . . the roaring easterly gales we usually get at this time of night, while spoiling the feel of the evening, would blast all the hot air out of my house - something the soft gentle breeze out there isn't doing.

Just sayin'.

PS: There have been many evenings this year when I've stood on my verandah and listened to the bats swooping around in the sky above me. Yes, you can hear bats. No, I didn't know that either before I thought I heard them and looked it up. But I've never managed to see one until this evening, when I've caught the odd flicker of movement while watching the stars. They're awfully hard to see, even with a full moon. But I can hear them!


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